Lara is the core system that is used in Savage flower kingdom. It is not necessary (as SFK second edition gathers all playing rules), but an interesting reading anyway.
Lara core rules & The Warehouse (on drivethrurpg, pay what you want! you need an account)

The core rules and the two supplements. Supplements, whereas optionals are quite fun and expend the possibilities of the game .
Savage Flower Kingdom (core, 2Ed.) -.- SFK: The Hero's Folios -.- SFK: The Master's Folio
Savage Flower Kingdom (core, 1Ed.) for historical purposes.

Norynn is my Background for SFK. It is inspired from a lot of fantasy stuff I dig. Note that the Peninsula is kind of a "best of" of EP Fantasy mini games.
The Peninsula -.- The Darklands -.- The Arena -.- 

Those that are not specifically based in Norynn are generic enough to be played there.

The lonely village & A mad wizard - By Aniketos, illustrated by Robertson Sondoh Jr
The Hammer of teeth - By Brian Richmond, illustrated by Peter Violini
Death at the fair - By Pierrot, illustrated by Robertson Sondoh Jr
The Obsidian Crystal Quest - By Robertson Sondoh Jr

This category regroups all items  which are not necessary to play but make it a lot more comfortable.
My small GM screen - With art by Robertson Sondoh Jr.
My character sheet - and another one, simpler (better for debutants).
My advanced combat set - to use with the advanced combat rules in the Master's folio. All art by Robertson Sondoh Jr.