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Savage Flower Kingdom Stuff

- Brian Richmond's "Food for Savage Flower Kingdom", part1 and part2. Extensive rules to cook in SFK. Makes cooking a important (and fun) part of the game.

- BirdBardo's "Old school SFK", here ( the file is in English). A simple rule to use saving rolls in SFK, and a table to randomly generate ability scores.

-Wim Le Page's add ons here. Mostly gaming aids to the Obsidian Crystal Quest, but also a character sheet.


SFK exists in several different languages, all thanks to good will. As you can see, there is a lot missing, so, feel free to participate.

- Dutch, thanks to Win Le Page, here. He also did the obsidian crystal quest, here.
- Spanish, thanks to Santiago Kamerbeek, here.
- French, thanks to me, here. Some of the monsters from the blog, here. A character sheet, here.
- Malay, thanks to Robertson Sondoh Jr, here. And a character sheet, here.

A Note: to all those mentioned above, I have multiple archives of all your SFK published works, in case of accident.

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