Monday, 10 July 2017

Tools of the trade: Blessings and curses

There is of course the “Bless” prayer and the “Blessed” enchantment, but we are here to discuss true blessing at the temple, with the ceremony and all. All the following blessings are permanent.

A special kind of blessing given by a high priest of Primus, Ultimus, or The Hag. This will only be bestowed at the beginning of a crusade, and only to the leaders of the crusade army. The effects only apply to the enemies of the God, and thus, the potential targets are at best variable. For example, as of right now, The Hag’s crusade weapons have no real targets, since she’s not at war with any other gods.
A Crusade weapon can never be lost in battle (“disarm” critical doesn’t work); it never does fumble, and gets critical on 10, 11 or 12 on the combat roll; and there is a special effect depending on the god concerned.
- The Hag: each critical reproduces the effects of the “Gore” prayer (see the darklands); usually a scythe.
- Primus: +1 to touch and +d6 damage (holly); usually a sword;
- Ultimus: damages provoked by that weapon don’t heal by any non magical means; usually a sword or spear.
Crusade weapons are usually relics of the god’s Clergy, and it is really improbable that any new ones are created, or that those existing may be found outside the bigger temples.


Sometimes, a temple is in need of adventurers for some mission or another. Those blessings are either part of the mission equipment, or part of the reward. The exact effect of the blessing depends on the god, and can vary; here are a bunch of examples:
- Primus: double damage to nocturnal creatures; +2 to combat rolls against cultists of the dead gods;
- Armalee: +2 to initiative; the user cannot be immobilised in any way;
- Mankha slavra: poisonous attacks;
- Monolith: the item becomes indestructible; The items casts “negate magic” on hit;
- Ultimus: +2 to all attack rolls as long as there are more monsters than heroes; +2 to damage when fighting alone;
- The Hag: All hits cause bleeding; the weapon leeches damages and give them back as HP;
- Maaafsh’tarla: +1 to initiative for all friends in a 10 metres radius; +1 to combat roll against [animal species];
- Moulüd: The user can see as in bright daylight in any circumstances; the holder cannot be lied to.

Sometimes love is just enough. And sometimes, the word of a father can forge the destiny of his children. We’re talking “someone who loves you”, not “someone you sleep with”, here.
Norynn’s people place a good deal of power in family and genealogy; the quest for love, be it filial or flirty, is a highly respected activity. Many a knight goes around wearing a woman’s scarf, just because his lover gave it to him with a kind word –and the same goes for ladies, who can easily wear man jewellery or apparatus, if it was lover-given.
Memento of love hold real – if flimsy- power, as long as the love is true. There are lot of ways to render this in game:
- You can decide it gives the hero one Legend Point per adventure (see the GM’s Folio). This point is only usable against all odds, it is not a bonus, it is a game-changer;
- You may use it in roleplay, and ask less of that hero because of the charm;
- You may authorise one re-roll per adventure, on a very important failed roll, because the hero wants to surpass himself  for his loved one;
anyway, the hero must believe in love and cherish the memento for it to have an effect. In fact, you may want it to works only if the player thinks of it, and gives a flaming monologue about his only true love before the roll. Your call.


  1. Now, I'm going to cause a helluva bloody mess (of the double-damage kind) to each and every night creature which are unfortunate enough, to cross my "absolutely righteous," "law-abiding" and undoubtedly "peaceful as absolute entropy itself" path. ^_^ It feels good... to do good deeds to the lost lambs, and children of the darkness! "We teach them fear!!!" "Bwahahaha!" Ops... "The error in their ways!" Thanks a lot, Monsieur Pierrot! Be Fine!

  2. Three hurrahs for chivalry! Three Hurrahs for almighty god Primus! Hip hip... o/