Wednesday, 18 September 2019

I made something...

... And believe me, it took some time!
including a total wipe of my flash drive, with all my files in progress (if I had to guess, I would say 65% done), plus the long discouragment that goes with that kind of adventures. But here we are, I am done. Behold.
Click to download PDF (it's 55 megs).

"The mini quest" was the game that got me into Rob's work, it is, as of today my favorite of all his boardgames, with "oh my lair!". This is a work of love on a game I played countless time, with friends, wife and kid, and alone, of course.

Well, it's not that mini anymore, and of course, in the transition, the smal footprint and quickness are gone,  but (I hope) for the sake of variety and storybuilding. It's more an advanced version than a "2", but I couldn't get the advanced logo right, so "2" it is :)

Anyway, I had fun making it, hope you'll have fun playing it.