Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Well, here we are. Introduction. Yeah.

Those of you who are familiar with Experimental Playground may well have heard of me, those who have not... Go there and read EVERYTHING! Now! it's worth it!

I plan to keep on doing pretty much the same here as I do there, meaning free pen and paper RPG, maybe boardgames, anything in topic really. Norynn will continue to grow, and we'll see more of Pyre, with just a bit of luck. Maybe translate things in french (I am français by the way...), but don't wait on that.

This is in no way a break with EP, this is just me getting on the front line, instead of staying hidden behind Rob. It's about sharing the load of work. I don't like facebook, google+ is a pain, maybe this will work for me. I won't promise a specific rhythm, I hate to talk when I have nothing to say, and to rush things; so there will probably be times with lots of posts (because yeah, inspired) and months of radio-silence (because, well, not inspired).

Voilà voilà. If you have comments, feel free; I can't promise I'll answer to all, but I'll try. If you have questions, do not hesitate; if you have ideas, you're welcome too; anyway, be patient, I have a life.

Welcome, and good reading.


  1. Nice to hear from you! It takes a little while till you post something... But, it surely worth the wait! "Pierrot sayz..." it is bound to be, it will be such a huge blast, because you are "da bomb" in person! I'll sure drop by and discuss a lot about both LARA System and your exciting, enticing, adventurous world Norynn! Kudos and accolades for Pierrot! Yeah! o/