Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Norynn: The arena

The middle of Norynn is a big plain, known to all as the great plains of battle, or the Arena. It is a place of conflict and war, pain for the meek and spoils for the brave! But you better be warned: don't go there alone!

Download it here (or in the Download tab)!


  1. I've read it "The Arena" supplement, in a fraction of time! It's so exciting to finally being able to sink my teeth on a yummy new resource about Norynn! And now I do have plenty of ideas on how to set orc characters on my own Norynn playground! A question for Monsieur Pierrot: "Do you prefer pig-faced orcs, or do you prefer the more human-like ones?" Be fine!

  2. Orks. Well...
    Let me first say, in fantasy settings, I am a goblin/kobold guy. I prefer sci-fi orks, Human-ish; I love GW's orks, old style (the background and design): http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-XS73t56I058/U7qlLYAs9QI/AAAAAAAAC5g/MXq1zrdgda0/s1600/9598922_orig.jpg

  3. "Howitizingly" darn funny illustration, indeed! And, by the way, goblins and kobolds are a truck load of fun, for shizzle!
    Another question for Monsieur Pierrot: "Do you prefer the dog-faced kobolds, or do you prefer the old and wrinkled ones resembling elder people?"
    Be fine!

  4. To be surgically precise about it, Monsieur Pierrot... What's the appearance of Norynn's kobolds (and furthermore, how Norynn's goblins look like)? :D
    Be fine, always!

  5. SFK Kobolds (And by extension, Norynn's) are depicted on EP blog, here:
    I prefer doggy-kobolds, because for me, old people face is a xvart. But to each one his own.
    If you like kobolds, I am working on an other part of Norynn (The Baronies, extreme north of the continent)where kobolds are so numerous that they are a PC class, instead of a monster. It may be some time before we get there, but, it is in the tubes. I have two groups exploring there at the time being^^. As for goblins, stay tuned, they are coming (soonish...). yours truly.

  6. I was almost sure that Norynn's kobolds were creatures of the "snoopy doggy dog-faced sort!" But I don't go making any assumptions, based on the little pieces of information I initially had it... Firstly, I thought of Norynn as some manner of "fractal..." Monsieur Pierrot's version of SFK...
    So... This drives us to one of my patented...
    "Questions to Monsieur Pierrot!"

    Mister Sondoh and Monsieur Pierrot are developing a shared universe? ;)
    (It would be a mighty fancy sort of thing if they were doing it!)
    Be fine!

  7. Fact: I started Norynn by the peninsula, which is totally inspired from Mini quest, ninja Vs robots, oh my lair, twenty one turn hero, the raiders attack banana village, and village run.
    Fact: Rob and me both wrote scenarios taking place in the peninsula (Obsidian crystal quest and Death at the fair).

    So yeah, I guess we are. But not just us; I have a tendency to absorb things, so keep your eyes peeled on the credits in every and each of my booklets: you'll see! We are many, and our name is Legion! Mwouah ha ha ha!

  8. Only a naughty nasty follower of the heinous "Hag" would approve such a sinister statement! (~_~メ)! As a zealot of Primus, almighty god of Ivory Hell, I beg you to repent and attone for thy sins, Legion (just another name for Ultimus, that is!), foul Hellion from pandemonium known as Coal Hell!!! (`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻
    Give us back our cuddly an cute Monsieur Pierrot! ヽ(`Д´)ノ

    That's a really nice thing to hear, gives me the hopes to get involved with the project one day! m(_ _)m

    Be fine!

  9. To be honest, I'm more of a Moulüd guy anyway ^^