Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Where to start?

Okay, something old, something new...

You'll find, in the "download" tab, all previously released files for Savage flower Kingdom, even those with only an historical interest. You'll also find links to LARA, which is the generic system SFK uses. It is not necessary to play, The Core rules of SFK includes all the needed rules.
I'll try to keep this up to date, and to keep it clear!
For now, everything is written for the Core rules 2ed, and most of it also uses the "Heroes folios". So if you only get 2, get those.

Now for something new...

You'll also find there a bunch of stuff I did for myself and am happy to share: my GM screen (small but effective), the last version of my character sheet (the one I use in my games), and of course, my advanced combat set (vampirised from a lot of EP games, all Art from Robertson Sondoh Jr, of course). If memory serves, the advanced combat set was published on EP facebook page some times ago (years maybe) in comment to a post; well it's here too now.

And to finish, a reminder: EP blog published a lot of creatures, classes, rules, and general stuff about SFK over the years, some of it I used, some of it is mine, but a lot of it is exclusive there!

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